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We'll consult your needs and let you choose from countless options tailored specifically to your business. You may start off with a simple website and gradually add on when needed. Or, build a fully loaded website right away.


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Hosting & Security

Get peace of mind. Wix provides top-grade, reliable hosting & security for your website.

  • 99.99% Uptime
    Wix’s reliable hosting solution guarantees uninterrupted service.
  • Secure Wix Cloud
    Everything is hosted here, so you can quickly & safely make updates to your website anytime.
  • TLS Security Standard
    People will view your site over an HTTPS connection with TLS, the latest security standard.
  • Why you’ll love all of this:
    Be sure your website is safe from hackers — without the hassle of different providers and extra fees.

Industry Leading SEO for Your Website

Make it easy for people to find your website on Google, leading search engines & local directories. We have the tools we need to effectively optimize your website for search engines.

  • Personalized SEO Plan Made for Your Website
    With step-by-step walkthroughs, it’s quick & easy to get your SEO done right.
  • Keyword Analyzer
    We can be sure we’re using the strongest keywords for your website.
  • Google Analytics
    We can track how visitors arrive & behave once on your site.
  • Blog
    Maintaining a blog is a great way to boost your SEO.
  • HTTPS & TLS Security Standard
    People will view your site over an HTTPS connection with TLS, the latest security standard.

Unlimited Storage

Your Wix website can have as many web pages, text, images as you want.
We can also set up databases to store & manage your site’s content.
Then we can decide where and how to use this info on your site.

Custom Domain

I.e.,, Your domain is the online address of your business. A custom domain name gives you credibility and helps customers find you. Wix offers great options for getting your own personalized domain name.

  • Choose the right domain and register it with Wix
    Pick from 45 top-level domains including .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, & more
  • Connect a domain you already own
    Already have a domain name? We can connect any domain to your Wix website.

Professional Email Address

You can connect any email address to your website. Wix partners with Google to offer you a professional email address with your unique domain.

  • Build credibility & trust with your customers
  • Look professional when you send emails & invoices
  • Get more exposure for your brand
  • For example,,,
Professional Email Address - Every business email address includes:
  • A personalized email address
  • 25GB email inbox size
  • 5GB cloud storage space
  • Calendar & Docs
  • No ads
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile device management


Professional Web Editor & Impressive Design Features

The world’s most innovative web platform gives us the freedom to design the website you want. Professional Web Editor & Impressive Design Features:

  • Stunning Templates
    500 designer-made templates for every type of website.
  • Beautiful Stock Images
    Millions of professional, high-resolution images available.
  • Media Galleries
    30+ stunning galleries to display images & videos exactly the way you want.
  • Video Backgrounds
    Impressive video backgrounds to transform your website.
  • Design Effects
    Fun animation, 3D parallax effects, and interactive hover experiences.
  • Mobile Optimized
    With Wix, you can feel confident your website will look great on all devices.

Advanced Features for Your Website

  • Unlimited Pages
    Your website can have as many webpages as you need.
  • Search Bar
    Make it easy for people to search for what they’re looking for.
  • Protected Pages
    Have private web pages that only specific people can enter.
  • Members’ Area
    Create an exclusive area for members only.
  • Secure Images
    Protect your images with a built-in watermark and password.

Get a Professional Logo Designed for Your Business

Build trust and grow your brand with your own unique logo. We can arrange a professionally designed logo for you. With Wix, we can alternatively design a logo for you that you can use anywhere — your website, business cards, printed materials and more.

Advanced Content Management

With Wix, we can store & manage your site’s content in databases. We can both edit this database, and we can easily use this information anywhere on your site. If you already have a database, we can easily use it for your Wix website.

  • Example 1:
    Let’s say you’re a real estate agent with 100s of listings you want to display on your site. Each listing should have its own page with the name of the property, price, pictures and some basic info. We can enter each listing into the database, so we can very efficiently create a new page for each. Then, when a listing is no longer available, we can instantly update that on the website.
  • Example 2:
    Let’s say you want a newsfeed on the homepage of your website. Each newsfeed should have a title, intro paragraph and image. We can enter the newsfeed story into the database, so we can very efficiently add it to your site.

Advanced Code Capabilities

With Wix, we can build robust websites and custom web applications for you. This may sound complicated, but here are the types of things we can do for you.

  • Create a website with 100s of unique pages
  • Create custom forms & quizzes so you can collect info you need
    All the data you collect will automatically be stored in your database and can be used anywhere on your site.
  • Make your website more interactive
    For example, we can create a custom interaction when users click a button, hover over something or scroll.
  • And much, much more.
    With Wix, the possibilities are really endless

Business Solutions

Beautiful Online Store / eShop

Easily manage your professional online store. Keep 100% of your sales — no commission.

  • Sell digital or physical products.
  • Manage your orders & keep track of your inventory.
  • Provide a secure checkout.
  • Accept credit cards, PayPal, offline payments, Stripe and more.
  • Promote sales with coupons & discounts.
  • Set customized tax & shipping rules for every destination.
Plus we have advanced code capabilities to:
  • Customize your product pages exactly the way you want.
  • Let customers add products to their Wishlist.
  • Display ratings & reviews.
  • Show customers Related Products.
  • Let people customize your products and order them.
Manage Your Store on the Go. Manage your orders, add products, and get real time updates, all from your mobile. Track orders and manage your inventory from your desktop or mobile.
  • Manage Orders
    See all your orders and fulfil them in a click. Track payments and get updates for every new sale. You’ll also receive a notification when you’re all sold out.
  • Add Products
    Got a new product? Easily add it to your product page. Include a price, description and set a discount. You have total control over what your customers will see.
  • Interact with Visitors
    Get real time notifications when visitors send you a message, buy a product & more, so you can respond right away.
  • Start a Live Chat
    See when you’ve got a customer on your site. Then start a conversation and help them find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Blog on the Go
    Use all of your blog’s advanced features no matter where you are. Create new posts, add photos and share to all your social networks in a click.

Online Booking System

Manage all your bookings online.

  • Offer appointments, classes & courses on your website.
  • Let customers book from any device.
  • Accept secure payments or deposits — commission free.
  • Sync your Google calendar.
  • Send automatic email reminders.
Manage Your Bookings on the Go. Manage your bookings, get real-time updates, start a live chat with your visitors and more — all from your mobile.
  • Manage Your Bookings
    Easily keep track of your schedule, add new appointments, manage participants, and get instant notifications anywhere, anytime.
  • Interact with Visitors
    Get notified when visitors reach your site, send you a message or book an appointment.
  • Start a Live Chat
    See when you’ve got a customer on your site. Then start a conversation and help them find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Keep Track of Invoices
    View invoice details from your mobile device and get notified when customers make a payment, so you’re always in the loop.
  • Blog on the Go
    Use all of your blog’s advanced features no matter where you are. Create new posts, add photos and share to all your social networks in a click.


Manage your beautiful blog.

  • Create and edit beautiful blog posts, manage comments and share on social.
  • Write, edit & organize posts from anywhere — computer or phone.
  • Showcase beautiful images & videos.
  • Get advanced analytics.
  • Create a community with members and subscribers.
  • Set up polls, quizzes and ads.
  • Make it easy for readers to share your posts.
  • Add multiple contributing writers who can write & manage posts.
  • Manage your blog on the go with the Wix Mobile App

Music Player

Showcase your albums, tracks and playlists. Sell your music commission free.

  • Add your albums to your site with high quality FLAC & 320kbs MP3 files.
  • Get detailed stats on your music plays, shares, sales & downloads.
  • Promote your tours & sell tickets with Bandsintown or Songkick.
  • Sell your merch on your site.
  • Create customizable EPKs with password protection.


Build a thriving community around your website.

  • Easily manage your forum. As Admin, you can approve members, disable comments, pin trending posts and more.
  • Add moderators to help manage your community.
  • Set permissions to decide which members can read, add, write or share posts they create.
  • Offer a members’ area where your community members connect with each other.
  • Send automatic email notifications to members when someone likes their post, comments or follows them.

Restaurant Menu, Online Orders & Reservations

Easily manage your restaurant — commission free.

  • Display your menu beautifully.
  • Accept table reservations.
  • Make it easy for customers to order delivery or pickup online.
  • Let customers pay in cash or credit via payment gateways (Stripe, Authorize.Net & more)

Branded Help Center

With Wix Answers, you can set up a help center, ticketing system & call center.

  • Help Center
    Help customers help themselves. Provide FAQs, step-by-step guides, tutorials and more.
  • Ticketing System
    Easily, manage, track and prioritize support tickets from multiple channels.
  • Call Center
    Give your customers phone support. Make and take calls from your own 1-800 number and let customers request a callback.
  • Powerful Insights
    Understand your customers & their needs so you can take action.

CRM & Marketing Tools

Friendly CRM

Successfully Manage Your Customer Relations with Wix’s Friendly CRM

  • Contact Manager
    Organize your contacts and manage your clientbase.
  • Customized Contact Form
    Collect the info you need while making it easy for people to get in touch.
  • Inbox
    Keep track of all your messages in one place so you can easily reply. Find out when someone fills in your contact form, makes a purchase, books a service and more.
  • Subscribe Form
    Let visitors subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Chat
    Offer chat so customers can speak to you directly from your website.
  • Invoices
    Send invoices and accept payments online.

Email Marketing

Create & send beautiful emails. You can also set up custom, automated emails.

  • Example:
    Automatically send users an email 10 minutes after they sign up to become a member.

Online Marketing Tools

With Wix, you can seamlessly connect your website to powerful marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, MailChimp and more. Grow your audience, drive traffic to your site, promote your products & services with professional ad campaigns, track & learn more about how visitors engage with your site, and more. Analytics:

  • Site Analytics
    See how well your site is performing and understand your visitors better.
  • Google Analytics
    Discover where your visitors come from and what they do on your site.
  • Hotjar
    See how visitors really use your site with Hotjar’s heatmaps, analytics tools and more.
  • Wisepops
    Track and test pop-up campaigns to increase your signups and conversions.
Promotional Tools:
  • Google AdSense
    Maximize revenue and earn money from your site - hassle-free.
  • Facebook Pixel
    Track your Facebook campaigns, see conversion rates and more.
  • Google Tag Manager
    Update tags and code on your website.
  • MailChimp
    Connect Wix Contacts to your MailChimp account and send targeted campaigns.
  • Privy
    Grow your mailing list and reduce cart abandonment with targeted pop-ups, spin wheels and more.
  • HelloBar
    Convert more visitors into customers with banners on your site.
  • Facebook Catalog
    Promote your online store products with dynamic Facebook ads.

Make Your Site GDPR Compliant

With Wix, your website will meet the new GDPR requirements that went into effect on May 25th, 2018 in the EU.

Wix Pricing

Wix Pricing

Because Wix is competitively priced, you’ll get the best possible price for your website.

  • We'll work closely with you to choose your best Wix plan:
    Wix offers a basic website for free. Certain features are available only with a Wix Premium Plan. For example, connecting your domain, removing Wix ads, and adding more bandwidth & storage. Wix is a powerful solution that’s also the most affordable option, allowing you to save money.
  • UON is here to professionally design your dream website
    For every website, the design price varies depending on the complexity.
    Invest in your business with our friendly pricing.

Website Handoff

Easily Manage Your Website

Once you have a beautiful Wix website, we'll support you or you can manage it going forward.

  • Easily make updates to your site
    Update your site with any new images, videos or content — anytime.
  • Manage your contacts and customer relations
    You have all your contacts and the marketing tools you need in one place.
  • Get great customer support from Wix
    The Wix Help Center is full of how-to tutorials. If you need, you can always speak directly with a support agent.
  • Manage your website & business on the go with the Wix mobile app
    Download the app on your phone. Available in the Apple App Store & Google Play.

World-Class Customer Support

In case, you decide to entirely manage your website or online store, Wix is here for any & all your questions.

  • Wix Help Center
    Ask questions, browse articles and find answers.
  • Speak with a Support Agent
    Open a ticket and speak directly with a support agent by email or phone.
  • Step-by-Step Videos
    Watch step-by-step videos on how to add essential features to your site.


I'm starting new business. Can you help us with our logo, social media, marketing?

We are your one-stop shop for launching and managing your entire online presence, incl. Web Design, Content & Copy Writing, Essential Online Marketing and Technical Support. Plus much more with our partners and 4 000+ networked experts; e.g. Graphic Design, Brand Identity incl. Logo Design, Photo Shooting, Translations and Proofreading, etc. Get in touch with us to learn more.

I need a new website, blog or online store. Where do I start?

We can customize your site to your business’s needs. Add an online store, media player, booking system, blog or choose from hundreds of other applications and popular services. Feel free to browse through our site to learn more. You may start with the selected pages below.

  • ABOUT - Learn about UON and what we do
  • FEATURES - Explore the main Wix features
  • CATALOG - Get inspired by the hand picked demo sites
You can also contact us for an initial free consultation.

How does it work? What can I expect?

1. We'll start off with a free consultation about your objectives, needs, expectations and our envisioned solution. Either an in person or remote meeting is possible. The aim is for both sides to obtain enough information for the next step.​ 2. Typically within a few days we'll meet again and propose the very first draft of your new website. Here, you get an idea of how it could look and work. We'll cover essential details if you decide to move forward with the project. At this point, we'll expect a prepayment as we value our time too.​ 3. Depending on the project and on your preference we may either work with you very closely on all details or we cover for you as much as possible so you can focus on your business and other things important to you. Either way, we'll be regularly in touch about the progress until the work is done.​ 4. Once all is finished and everyone is happy you pay the balance and get full access and training to your website. You may decide about the post-launch support options. We'll happily continue to support your future needs, edits or additions. Our websites are also suitable for self management even on the go with a free mobile app.

I'm not sure what I need and what's possible. Will you advise me?

We specialize in Online Brand Development and Digital Content Creation for entrepreneurs around the globe. Our mission is to boost your business with beautifully designed, self-manageable websites, online stores or blogs on a powerful platform with smart tools and a premium customer experience at fair prices. We’ll guide you through the whole process and we’ll be in frequent contact about the progress, the next steps, timeline and what’s expected from everyone. Feel free to browse through our site to learn more. You may start with the selected pages below.

  • ABOUT - Learn about UON and what we do
  • FEATURES - Explore the main Wix features
  • CATALOG - Get inspired by the hand picked demo sites
  • PORTFOLIO - Take a look at our recent work
Contact us to get started with an initial consultation.


Further questions? Search our site or call us.

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